Octavia Fellin Public Library’s Seed Lending Library sows seeds for local plant preservation

Gallup’s Octavia Fellin Public Library is one of New Mexico’s numer- ous seed libraries distributing fruit, vegetable, and flower seeds to participating gardeners. One does not have to possess a library card to check out seeds. “It will encourage, hopefully, more gardeners and they will start turning in more seeds, more heirloom seeds,” OFPL Deputy Director Betty Martin said.

Free internet service is now available for low income, tribal land households

Due to Comcast’s recent broadband upgrades, existing customers in Gallup can now access additional internet speed tiers, with speeds reaching up to 1.2 Gbps (1,200 Mbps). “There’s a digital divide and that is part of why we are focusing on offering the full speed tier in places like Gallup, to help close that dig- ital divide.” Comcast spokes- woman Julianne Phares told the Sun.

Surviving the Storm

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” The expression “May you live in interesting times” reportedly originated in China. It is widely regarded as a curse because “interesting times” brim with chaos, instability, and irregular events. The year 2020 had all of the hallmarks of “Interesting times” filled with copious shares of drama, stress, controversy, and economic and societal instability. From a writer’s perspective, I viewed 2020 as a fasc

Humans for Sale: The Hidden Horror of Modern-Day Slavery

Have you ever met a slave? Would you recognize a slave if you met one? Most Americans believe that slavery in America ended after the 13th Amendment was passed and ratified. Unfortunately, modern-day slavery is alive and well in America, as well as internationally. Wherever desperate people are struggling to survive, and even in affluent cities such as Dubai, the capital of United Arab Emirates, there are human traffickers who are willing to recruit and exploit adults and children for housekeepi

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